The island

St. Vincent and the grenadines


People say after undergrad life gets tough, and you don’t believe them because you just want to have fun and enjoy life. Plus, you can either continue your education or find a job and do well. So, I don’t see a down side to that part.

Another funny thing people say, “Study abroad” and you snicker and respond” one day” never knowing that the day will be sooner than later and at most in an island where you’re not familiar with. Time passes and you realize either two things it’s time to find a career and continue with school so retirement will be lovely (that sounds nice doesn’t it) or keep putting in that 9-5 and sometimes weekend.

What do you decide? Career right! Exactly, so that is what I choose, not knowing how I will pay for school or where would I go. As Americans, we are formed very uniquely and one of those things being formed is our laziness (it takes practice to be lazy) I always wanted to become a doctor ever since I can remember i was popping my collar(EYYYY) but on a more serious note. I did not want to take the Mcat, wait don’t you need that for medical school? Great question yes indeed, but there are certain schools that do not require that sleepless step. Most of those school being overseas. So I decided to look. Looked at two schools, and decided to go with one of them St. James school of medicine. The famous SJSM.

I was told to jump over hoops and do back flips, but for the life of me till this day I can’t do a cartwheel but for some odd reason I decided to do what I was asked and get all the necessary paper work to start. SJSM sounded amazing, had all the shortcuts you can  think off, it was going to be like a cake walk right, well wrong! Yes, it was a shortcut 16 months of basic science, tuition was low, and you did a lot independent study for every course. (you basically study on your own)

How did I pay for each semester? Well I decided to take my Master online and pursue my master degree through Walden university. I get a refund and then I pay for sjsm. So, it worked for a while.

So, this is what they don’t tell you that first step you take in an island that you never heard off was breathtaking, Why? Well because your eyes can be deceiving. Being in a 3rd world countries opens your eyes and you see what you had and what you don’t. You start to develop these feelings of remorse and self-pity like what can I do but at the same time is like why do I have to see this.

Memories are key! Being here on this island for 16 months was dreading, every semester was always something different people had drama(LOTS) and there was fun(LOTS) there was sad moments (LOTS) I think you get it. But overall, you never have the same feeling as the first time you stepped on this island, from the last day that you leave the island. Will I miss it? Bill Clinton.

Friends, one thing my mom always said, “no ay amigo a nadie” that’s Spanish, and no I’m not Puerto Rican, Mexican. I’m a proud DOMINICANA from SANTODOMINGO.  But what that means is no one is your friend, it’s a true statement and there are just those people that you meet that leave a scar on you saying you are never getting rid of me. So yes, I met some wonderful people and I’m sure we will all keep in touch. But there are especially 6 people I will miss like there is no tomorrow. My bro from another family Melvin Riggs, this dude right here is a mess but he is a good mess. Smart, BLACK and independent what every single white woman want lolxs. Next up is My Mans Moses SWAGert. This dude is it, he is kind loyal and honorable. We had our ups and only one down but it was a good down because when we made it right there was no more left, continue and don’t stop. I’m already proud of you. And the last man in my island life is SIR! Lawrence, my first friend that I made on this island. Wise and thoughtful young Grandpa. Now let me hear it for my ladies. First and foremost is my main main main homie, AMAL Ibrahim. Our relationship is so great, you know she never gave me her number until 16 months. I never asked for it either. Our conversations are awesome but most of all when were face to face we kill it. My other homie my boo Caroline Mburu A.K.A Lorac she is the smile to my face. She is always happy and always smiling you know everyone has that one shy friend with the dirtiest jokes. Finally the last friend I made was ANDRIA Mack. Big MACK, she is indeed one drama queen and for sure I couldn’t deal with her but I know she could not deal with me.

I love these new friends and I don’t have anymore, Keep your circle very closed. CLOSED.

Today makes 16 months of anger, regret and most of all happiness. I am officially done with my basic science and most of all I’m doing this for my niece, my pumpkin Serenity Perez A.K.A MAYA. I dedicate this all to her, she is my inspiration and when she reads this she will know that her aunt loves her and will give her the whole world. Pumpkin you deserve everything and I’m here to make sure that you get it.

I believe that the most important thing is FAMILY. Support is huge when you go away and must deal with so many things whether people being petty because the front of the classroom is cold and the back is hot so they change the Temp on the AC. OOOOO I have a better one when someone takes your seat and you want to yell at them till they get up. I thought we were adults.


Lessons that is what I learned when I was in Vincy. Not from the professors but from the island itself. Each day was a lesson and I learned all of them. I’m not only tired of these life lessons but I’m ready to take a rest and blink.

Medical school is hard and this is coming from an IMG student, these 16 months of basic science was no joke. Do I think of doing something else, YA TO LATE! I’m halfway and I get to go back to society( I kid I kid, but I get to be closer to home) 2 years down and 2 more to go.

Keep in touch more is to come about the next two years of my life. STAY TUNED YA MUJER JE-JE SE FUE.


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