Don’t chew me up I know it’s been a few weeks since I written but the life I live, the life I choose is busy. So please bear with me.

So let’s begin. I’m in the Windy City chi town. And it’s very suburby, wide open spaces. It’s calm. No one is in a rush somewhat. It’s cool but I still prefer my big apple (New York) everyday I have to travel up to an hour to get to my destination which is for my preparation course to take my nbme and then finally when I pass I can leave Chicago. 

Nbme(national board medical exam) is suppose to be way harder than your step 1 examination. 

Let me start complaining about the things that I dislike. Let’s start with my teaching instructor too sarcastic and he thinks he’s funny. However he’s reviews are pretty good and his drill sessions are really great. What can I say about Chicago. I miss New York, this place is to open and I like my surroundings being cozy in a way. I miss my female companions lolxs, I miss my friends and most of all I miss my niece. 

One pick up line that players think would never get old “excuse me miss you drop something” my respond would be “mofo pick that shit up”.

It’s a new experience and it’s good to travel. So far I have been studying first and and hopefully soon enough u-world. 
Stay tuned for more of my crazy experience. 

This right here is my pumpkin my heart my love 


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