Grinds my gears 

Where Is thou garbage? Good question because instead of having garbage cans in every corner there are none but get this there are no garbage on the sidewalks. It’s so clean that it should be a sin. But honestly am I suppose to put my garbage in my bag and carry it all the way home and then forget that I have it days later when I’m looking for something in my bag look surprise that I have garbage because you know I am a clean person(sometimes) lolxs but overall then say I’m going to throw it away so days later I can do the same thing again. It’s a repetitive cycle here. 

I’m about to give a citizen arrest to the cleaning department of Chicago. Out garbage cans in every corner of the streets I’m sure people need to throw away wrappers and other things as soon as their done. 

Oooo another thing paying for bags. So I went to the supermarket a yesterday and I have a lot of stuff and the lady says would you like a bag. And I’m like I’m going to stand here and let you think if an answer sweety. I believe In you. She smiles and says it’s because people tend to carry their own bags and they don’t want to pay for bags. And I’m like as it clearly seems I’m not carrying any bags on my person. So I’m still going  to let you figure it out. 

Seriously this city is cool but it needs a few pointers , there should be a class called human 101. lolxs. 
Stay tuned 


5 thoughts on “Grinds my gears 

  1. I don’t mind paying for bags and think plastic is terrible for the environment… but i will not advertise for free. So last week at the shop my goods are being scannned as i delve deep in my handbag for my magic foldy cloth bags; to no avail. The smirk on the cashiers face as she realised I hadn’t brought them was horriffic! “Three please” i said sucking in her cheeks she woggled her head while passing them to me. I promptly turned them inside out so the branding was on the inside loaded them up paid and punched the air as I walked away. 😜

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