Are you embarrassed?

Latest news why are woman so complicated? No the F*** were not. We as strong independent young intellectual creatures seak what every man seaks in life and in love. We all say I want to be that couple, but here’s the reality everyone is different. So my significant other and I are two different people we share some of the same beliefs just act it out in different ways does not mean I love him any less. 

Now here’s is where the hurting starts. When your significant other is to embarrassed to be seen with you other than being home or just acting like a couple. There is no right or wrong way to act like a couple. 

Why can’t we go out as a couple and have fun together. If you make time to go out with your buds then why not with me. 

As my main chick says GIRL BANG! 


2 thoughts on “Are you embarrassed?

  1. It can be hard, but in order to maintain self respect and love it’s helpful to be around people who respect and love you truly. Sometimes people stay with the wrong person out of fear of feeling even worse without them. I wish peace and happiness to all.

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