Living the American dream 

Everyone’s aspirations and paths are totally different. Every head is their own world. 

My American dream is to have the whole nine yards, family the car, the career. And I understand that everyone makes their American dream happen differently. How they make it happen well that’s different too but what makes us all want the American dream is family. Every generation has to be better then the next. Everyone struggles and I’m saying this for my generation that we must push the next generation even more because of the way society is now and days no one knows if their American dream will happen. We as humans can’t tell the difference between good or bad or unfair and fair anymore. Politics, government, the law enforcement. They have made it extremely difficult. But when you get knocked out 7 times get up for the 8th time. Never give up and always keep your head up. Our enemies are those who we trust and believe in them to believe in us when they only want our failure. So from the bottom of my heart. Fight for what you believe in and don’t let no one tell you otherwise. I believe in each and every American to do their best and make their American dream happen. 


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