Survival skills, isn’t a skill easily acquired. Sometimes all you want is someone to talk too and other times is someone to replace the time and affection you need. Yes I can admit I’m stuck, yes I can admit I’m confuse. If what I’m doing is the right choice or if what I can do […]

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It’s funny how life can be so tricky. But the best part is realizing where it’s headed and actually making up your own road. Life lessons are things in life that give life meaning. And in January I will sure learn mines. Leave the past behind and get up to have fun.

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“When life’s gives you lemon, make lemonade” the hard life lesssons we are thought yesterday. The long lessons we are still learning  today. When will lessons be over, never! When will I stop killing myself trying to make sure that the next generation doesn’t go through what my past generation went through, never! Why because […]

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The anticipation, the sweating down my forehead towards my cheeks and landing on my neck. The anxiety when I walking down the hall and all I can hear is my heartbeat. (They say that when you have a knot In your stomach before taking an exam of any sort than you’ll do well. ) I […]

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Upon of being tired and days getting longer, there’s never seem to be a dull moment. Im sick, frustrated, and why can’t I be upset? Why can’t I be full of hatred? Because hate is a strong world and society looks bad upon that. Well I’m not society, society doesn’t help me with anything. So […]

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Living the American dream 

Everyone’s aspirations and paths are totally different. Every head is their own world.  My American dream is to have the whole nine yards, family the car, the career. And I understand that everyone makes their American dream happen differently. How they make it happen well that’s different too but what makes us all want the […]

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