Living the American dream 

Everyone’s aspirations and paths are totally different. Every head is their own world.  My American dream is to have the whole nine yards, family the car, the career. And I understand that everyone makes their American dream happen differently. How they make it happen well that’s different too but what makes us all want the […]

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Are you embarrassed?

Latest news why are woman so complicated? No the F*** were not. We as strong independent young intellectual creatures seak what every man seaks in life and in love. We all say I want to be that couple, but here’s the reality everyone is different. So my significant other and I are two different people […]

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Grinds my gears 

Where Is thou garbage? Good question because instead of having garbage cans in every corner there are none but get this there are no garbage on the sidewalks. It’s so clean that it should be a sin. But honestly am I suppose to put my garbage in my bag and carry it all the way […]

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Don’t chew me up I know it’s been a few weeks since I written but the life I live, the life I choose is busy. So please bear with me. So let’s begin. I’m in the Windy City chi town. And it’s very suburby, wide open spaces. It’s calm. No one is in a rush […]

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The island

St. Vincent and the grenadines   People say after undergrad life gets tough, and you don’t believe them because you just want to have fun and enjoy life. Plus, you can either continue your education or find a job and do well. So, I don’t see a down side to that part. Another funny thing […]

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